design and manufacturing

Local Community Development
100% of the TribesOfKin products are handcrafted in Ghana and Brooklyn, in our ateliers and affiliated workshops. We also collaborate with local NGOs for our sourcing and manufacturing. We follow a closed-loop system of production, guaranteeing full product traceability and ethical processes. Through this, we aim to promote local community development through the valorization of craftsmanship and environmental awareness.

Use of Sustainable & Eco-friendly Materials
TribesOfKin's sourcing policy requires ecological and ethical considerations for the choice of raw materials. Local, natural, or recycled materials are prioritized in order to reduce pollution and carbon emissions. We constantly invest in new material explorations, by merging cutting edge technologies with traditional techniques of production.

Recycling and Up-cycling
A large part of our products are based on the reuse and transformation of discarded materials. This sourcing characteristic aims at contributing to the implementation of better waste management systems worldwide.